Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Power Better Customer Experiences With Mobile Location

Deliver Dining Experiences With Location


Engage customers on their terms – when and where it matters most. Harnessing the power of place means faster drive-thu times, fresher deliveries, higher loyalty engagement, and more foot traffic.


Learn how Bluedot helps quick service restaurants (QSRs) unlock this opportunity through mobile location by powering valuable, real-world experiences for app users.

QSRs using geofencing software

Leading QSR brands, including Dunkin’ and McDonald’s, use Bluedot’s highly accurate geofencing software to power more optimized drive-thru experiences.

Drive-Thru Reinvented


Learn how Bluedot helps QSRs to quickly identify mobile order customers and prioritize tickets. No check-ins required by customers, no hardware necessary for franchisees.


Customers simply order, grab, and go.


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Geofence Drive-Thru Mobile Ordering

Drive Foot Traffic with Better App Relevance


While quick service restaurants have seen a surge in app downloads in recent years, more often than not, these apps are hardly used by the consumer. In fact, apps suffer a 95% deletion rate in the first three months of download alone.



How can QSRs and fast casual restaurants maintain app relevancy and help drive more foot traffic to their restaurants?



Understanding customers’ behaviors and preferences are key to delivering actionable messaging that drives foot traffic and improves app relevance. Bluedot gives marketers the tools to utilize first-person location data directly from their customers’ mobile devices, identifying their intentions and experiences with precision.


Learn more about Bluedot’s location data solutions for understanding foot traffic behaviors.


Foot Traffic Solutions

Infographic: Gamification


See how Burger King uses location to bridge social to mobile to in-store for an integrated, omnichannel customer experience in their Whopper Detour campaign.


“It’s clear this level of marketing and coordination signals the next wave of what people expect in QSR marketing and beyond.”


– Judy Chan, Head of Marketing, Bluedot


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burger king gamification

Create Better Loyalty Experiences


Did you know that 75% of consumers would engage more with loyalty programs that make rewards information mobile-friendly, and yet only 27% of restaurant patrons say the offers they receive are rarely relevant?



How can QSRs deliver a mobile-first experience that consumers want?



Deliver a differentiated experience that delights and reduces friction – whether reminding customers of loyalty points while on-premise, monitoring drive-thru wait times to optimize efficiency, or sending real-time BOGO offers for their favorite dish.


Learn more about Bluedot’s location data solutions for loyalty rewards programs.


Loyalty Solutions

Case Study: Craveable Brands


See how this QSR operator uses location data to drive loyalty and customer experience across three national brands and over 570 restaurant locations.


“We have so much more intelligence around how, what, and when to communicate with our customers, and the ability to do it in a way that drives incredible results.”


– Michael Schofield, Chief Information and Digital Officer of Craveable Brands


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Make Better Decisions with Cleaner Data


80% of consumers indicated they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences. And to effectively personalize experiences, you need both their digital behaviors AND real-world location footprint.



How can QSRs build more meaningful CRM profiles, pairing online and offline behaviors for a 360-degree view of their patrons?



Learn your customers’ physical foot traffic (and driving) patterns. Identify patrons who linger at your QSR location with family, those who walk by your location every day without stopping, and even those who visit your competitors. With these insights, fast casual restaurants have rich profiles and relevant trends to make insightful campaign decisions, conduct store planning, and more.


Learn more about Bluedot’s location data solutions for more complete customer profiles.


Loyalty Solutions

Use Case: McAlister's Deli


Learn how McAlister’s Deli cut order times and turned guests into raving fans using location data.


“I really think this technology is going to be everywhere. We are getting notifications, we are seeing an increase in speed, we are seeing an increase in our effectiveness to greet a first-time guest.”


– Matt Luis, IT Lead, Southwest Deli Group, franchisee exclusively operating McAlister’s Deli brand


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