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Bluedot & Adeptmind Redefine Mall Shopping and Transform Curbside Pickup Into a First Class Arrival Experience - Featured Image
By Judy Chan | July 27

Bluedot & Adeptmind Redefine Mall Shopping and Transform Curbside Pickup Into a First Class Arrival Experience

Ahead of 2021 holiday shopping season, mall operators turn to mobile location technology and AI to compete with Amazon

Bluedot and Adeptmind, a leading AI retail technology company creating advanced digital discovery solutions for retailers and shopping centers, are banding together to address the gap between soaring demand for fast and easy curbside pickup and the challenge facing many brick and mortar retail stores to deliver a frictionless shopping experience from beginning to end. The solution combines the best elements of online shopping - instant access to a wide range of inventory from multiple retailers with a five-star arrival experience for receiving all purchases at once, in one convenient curbside stop.

Consumer shopping habits precipitated by the pandemic, including reliance on curbside pickup, appear to be sticking. More than half of the top 1000 retailers now offer curbside pickup, a jump from 6.6% in early 2020, signaling the service will be an integral strategy for retailers in the approaching 2021 holiday shopping season. 

Powered by Adeptmind’s advanced guided discovery technology which uses artificial intelligence to bring a human-like experience to online search, Adeptmind transforms the traditional in-store shopping experience into a digital marketplace where shoppers can browse the product selection of retailers, restaurant offerings and in-mall service. From there, shoppers can plan their trip or complete their purchases online before choosing to pick up their products via curbside pickup or shopping in the mall.

When shoppers are ready to pick up purchases, Bluedot powers a first-class arrival experience. Malls are able to provide a single-site pickup location where shoppers receive all their purchases from multiple stores.

Bluedot’s hyper-accurate mobile location technology delivers convenience for brands and their customers. Staff is alerted when a customer is on the way, has arrived, and to know exactly where their vehicle is parked so the customer can be met promptly, by name with purchases in hand. Automated check-ins eliminate any requirement for texts or calls upon arrival. Handoffs are seamless, wait time is minimized and customers are happy.

Ahead of the upcoming holiday shopping season, one major mall operator has already implemented the joint solution with plans to expand availability of the new carside service ahead of the holiday shopping season to retail and restaurant tenants across multiple properties throughout the U.S. 

Merging online and offline shopping to create a single end-to-end omnichannel solution is the answer for mall operators as they compete with Amazon, especially during the holiday shopping season. It achieves the best of both worlds, online shopping with instant delivery by way of extremely convenient curbside pickup.

– Emil Davityan, CEO | Bluedot

“There’s a massive opportunity for brands to regain customers by redefining mall shopping and the arrival experience. Our partnership with Adeptmind offers an easy to implement, turnkey solution for gold-plated service throughout the customer journey which is ultimately what wins market share”said Emil Davityan, Bluedot co-founder and CEO.

“Retailers and shopping centers need to give consumers the option of where, when, and how they want to shop while providing utility, convenience, and an elevated experience that reflects the changing needs of today’s shopper,” said Jesse Michael, Managing Director, Adeptmind. “Through this partnership, we are able to create new channels for our merchants to serve shoppers and deliver simple, safe, and specialized shopping experiences that drive local customers back to the mall.”

About Adeptmind

Adeptmind was founded in 2017 by two former employees of the Microsoft-exited tech startup Maluuba. As a leading AI-based, e-commerce product discovery company, Adeptmind uses state-of-the-art active and deep learning techniques to enhance the customer purchasing journey. Located in Toronto, Adeptmind supports more than 400 retailers, shopping centers, and small and medium-size businesses with innovative technology around the world. To learn more, visit the Adeptmind website at www.adeptmind.ai and follow Adeptmind on LinkedIn.

About Bluedot

Bluedot’s award-winning location technology for mobile apps powers meaningful interactions between brands and their customers across key industries including retail, quick service restaurants, and transportation. Bluedot is trusted by many of the largest enterprises such as Officeworks, McDonald’s, Dunkin’, GoToll, and  IAG among others. With pinpoint accuracy, Bluedot can identify the moment customers enter a parking lot, arrive at curbside, or pass a toll location. Bluedot drives consumer engagement with advanced gamification, personalization, and loyalty solutions. Inherently compliant with GDPR and CCPA, Bluedot focuses on protecting end-user privacy.

For more information on Bluedot and its solutions, visit bluedot.io.