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By Judy Chan | April 23

The State of What Feeds Us

Over the last few weeks, we have all experienced the unthinkable - a global pandemic that upends our way of life and leaves no stone unturned. No precedent in history can guide us in these unchartered waters. At Bluedot, this is increasingly evident in our conversations both internally and externally with our customers and partners.

In the early days of the shutdown (or shelter-in-place), our industry peers wrestled with questions such as,

Will customers still want our food? Should we leave food on the edge of the window sill at the drive-thru? Should I offer a gallon of milk with the order? Would that come across wrong? Will they (customers) come, and if so, who will come?

As such, we decided to survey a broad spectrum of consumers, covering all regions across the US, at all household income levels and age cohorts to uncover trends and patterns. Our hope is to take a pulse on the market and provide some useful indicators on what consumer behaviors look like amid COVID-19.

Our study uncovers insights around such pressing topics as: 
  • Are Americans still eating out? And if so, how do they go about it?
  • Are consumers downloading more food-related apps? And if so, who and at what rate?
  • What’s most important to ensure a safe and healthy environment during pick-up?
  • Are there behavior differences between age cohorts such as Gen Z and Baby Boomers?

Results from our study offer a potential path forward for stores and restaurants and may provide a glimpse into how customer experiences will evolve in the year to come.

Download our study here to get insights and answers to the questions we’re all asking.