Responding to COVID-19: Fast Food Focuses on Drive Thru, Pickup

Both will be powerful tools to keep customers safe during the coronavirus crisis. First published in QSR Magazine. With the spread of COVID-19 and the fear and uncertainty it brings to customers, quick-service restaurants need to act quickly and strategically to … Read More

location prompt for marketers and mobile managers

iOS 13 Location Prompt: What It Means for Marketers and Mobile Managers

[This is a continuation of the previous post iOS 13 Location Prompt: What’s New.] The wild, wild west of mobile location is over. Consumers want better service AND more privacy. This trend is most notable with Apple’s rollout of the … Read More

location prompt in iOS 13

iOS 13 Location Prompt: What’s New With Permissions

The wild, wild west of mobile location is over. The unstated ‘do-as-you-please’ industry attitude is shifting as consumers demand better transparency, competition heats up, and new regulation takes effect (e.g. GDPR and CCPA). But the biggest change yet comes from … Read More

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner Summit

Why Place Matters for Salesforce Customers

We’re getting used to the good life as consumers. Everything on demand, incredibly fast and suited to our taste. We don’t necessarily care how our needs are met, just that it works and that we have a consistent experience across … Read More

bluedot hiring jobs

Bluedot is Hiring!

  Bluedot is on a mission to seamlessly connect people with the digital and physical world around them. Our company is rapidly growing and I’m excited to announce that we are expanding our teams in San Francisco and Melbourne.   … Read More

Salesforce Trailheadx keynote

Experience and the Age of the Customer

We attended Salesforce’s TrailheaDX developer conference in San Francisco last week. As a Salesforce partner, it’s always great to see the latest technology and the most innovative companies in the ecosystem.   So much of the event, including the keynote … Read More