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COVID-19 Impact: 9 Curated Must Reads for Quick Serves & Restaurants - Featured Image
By Laura Tyson | March 27

COVID-19 Impact: 9 Curated Must Reads for Quick Serves & Restaurants

As we all scramble to figure out what a new ‘normal’ looks like during the coronavirus pandemic, here are a few hand-picked resources especially for quick serves and restaurants. Some are strategic - helping owners and operators plan beyond this week - while others are super practical (e.g. social media tips, cleaning procedures, etc.). Also, we’ve added a couple of links readers should bookmark for ongoing updates and breaking industry news.

Stay Informed 

Bookmark these pages to stay informed of ongoing COVID-19 updates specific to the restaurant industry.

Actionable Insights

We’ve curated the following resources to help you find a new ‘normal’ in these uncertain times.

1. Restaurant Analysts React to COVID-19 Closures

Takeaway: The economic impact of the coronavirus could continue to worsen, but restaurants can minimize the impact by focusing on drive-thru (where approximately 70% of sales are generated for QSRs) and take advantage of any available government stimulus package.

2. Coronavirus and the Impact on Eating - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Takeaway: Consumers feel safest picking up food via the drive-thru and they prioritize sanitization/cleanliness over taste during these uncertain times.

3. Restaurants can’t survive on delivery alone, says Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney

Takeaway: Delivery might be the tide that buoys restaurants in the short term, but owners and operators will need a longer-term strategy if COVID-19 extends further, especially for the hardest hit geographies.

4. COVID-19 puts BYO coffee cups on hold, but sanitized reusable systems could fill the void

Takeaway: With BYO programs suspended, reverting back to reusable items could potentially be unwelcome. Restaurants need to take the right precautions and safety measures to build a sustainable and sanitary reusable ecosystem.

5. Closures, Takeout, and Relief Efforts: How Food Businesses Nationwide Are Handling Coronavirus

Takeaway: You’re not alone. Hear stories from operators, owners, and employees in the restaurant industry across the US and how they’re working to keep the lights on and customers served.

6. Is your restaurant speaking the COVID-19-era customer's language?

Takeaway: Get practical ideas and tips for engaging customers - in the right way - on social media during this critical time.

7. Practical Advice for Restaurants to Survive COVID-19

Takeaway: Common sense action that owners and operators should take in the race to survive this pandemic.

8. How Should Restaurants Clean in Coronavirus Cases?

Takeaway: Ensure employees know exactly how, when, and what to clean during these extenuating circumstances. Here’s an example of how to deep clean POS and touchpad equipment.

9. Responding to COVID-19: Fast Food Focuses on Drive-thru, Pickup

Takeaway: QSRs can leverage location to power mobile order pick up either via drive-thru or curbside to create zero-contact customer experiences.