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Location-Based Mobile Engagement Webinar - Featured Image
By Judy Chan | April 18

Location-Based Mobile Engagement Webinar

Connect When and Where It Matters Most


In today’s world hyper-connected world, marketers know mobile is king. Consumers spent nearly 4 hours daily on a smartphone or tablet and 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. The question then isn’t should mobile experience be a priority, it’s how will we execute an effective mobile strategy? How can brands win mobile moments?


The answer sits at the intersection of relevant, real-time engagement and customers’ real-world behavior (location). Brands need to connect with customers when they want and a key element of knowing ‘when’ is understanding the ‘where.’ By identifying their physical behaviors via the mobile app - such as visiting a competitor, walking past your store often without stopping, etc. - mobile marketers can determine the exact moment an interaction would be most impactful.


For example, a retailer might set a geofence around competitor locations to kick off a timely win-back campaign. Or an airline might offer a seat upgrade (via the app) for a customer when arriving at the airport.


We’ll be exploring this intersection of engagement and location in more detail during a joint webinar with Swrve on April 30th. Join us to learn How to Unlock Real-Time Relevance Everywhere.


Discover answers to questions such as:

  • How can brands across industries execute a cohesive digital-physical strategy for their app?
  • How does the power of real-time relevance combined with the precision and scalability of location services accelerate growth, drive loyalty, and boost in-app and in-store revenue?
  • What key vertical use cases for location-based engagement do mobile marketers need to understand?


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