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mobile engagement and location webinar

Location-Based Mobile Engagement Webinar

Connect When and Where It Matters Most   In today’s world hyper-connected world, marketers know mobile is king. Consumers spent nearly 4 hours daily on a smartphone or tablet and 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer … Read More

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Press release announcing global integration with Oracle

Bluedot Integrates with Oracle to Provide Location Data that Traditional Marketing Platforms Have Not Utilized Before

The Integration Makes It Easier for Marketers to Take Advantage of Contextual and Personalized Messaging using Precise Location Data   SAN FRANCISCO, March 20, 2019 — Bluedot, a leading provider of first-person location data and Gold level member of Oracle … Read More

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shoptalk take aways

Three Key Takeaways from Shoptalk 2019

What Retail Brands Need to Know This Year   The fourth annual Shoptalk conference welcomed 8,400 attendees from the worlds leading brands in retail and technology this week in Las Vegas. Our team spread out across the expo floor and … Read More

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city sunrise

State of Location 2019

What to watch this year for location technology and location-based services   2019 promises to generate large strides in location technology and adoption. The market has been primed with rapid technology advancements (especially within mobile phones) and consumer demand for … Read More

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Bluedot Hackweek: Episode V

Hack Week: Episode V

Christmas came early to Bluedot. Hack Week 2018, ended last week and I’m still excited about all our team’s creations.   During the second week of December, our Melbourne  team ‘hacked’ everything from how we approach learning, to building, to … Read More

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Bluedot Culture - Ryan's Movember Campaign

Unintentional Lessons from a Movember Campaign

November is known globally as the month of Movember, where men and women from all around the world will grow a moustache (Mo) to raise awareness about men’s health, particularly prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health.   Naturally, most campaigns … Read More

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Burger King Conquest Campaign

Burger King’s 1 Cent Whopper Deal Is Near Perfect Conquesting

Conquesting: n. a marketing strategy to win over competitors’ customers   Geo-conquesting: n. a marketing strategy to win over competitors’ customers using location – engaging consumers when they are physically in or around your competitors’ store   Usually, the “wars” … Read More

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Bluedot Location Data: LinktGo

Convenience: The Ultimate Litmus Test

The litmus test for any technology is how it improves the day-to-day life of its users. It’s interesting how some tech that are fascinating tend to fail, while others that seem mediocre reaps success. So, what gives? It all comes … Read More

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Bluedot Location at Bullrush Rally

Bullrush Rally uses Bluedot’s Location Data for Critical Driving Stats

Zoom! Zoom! 149.22 kilometers per hour (or 92.72 miles per hour) on a turn and no spin outs!   Recently on a gorgeous day, almost 50 racers took to the wheel for a good cause at Wakefield Park Raceway near … Read More

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