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New Study: The State of What Feeds Us III - Featured Image
By Laura Tyson | February 10

New Study: The State of What Feeds Us III

Throughout the pandemic we've kept a pulse on shifting consumer behaviors and the impact on restaurants. This third study - The State of What Feeds Us, III - uncovers customer expectations vs. reality when it comes to drive-thru, curbside, wait times, mobile apps, and more.

New Study: The State of What Feeds Us Vol 3

No longer do restaurant brands need to speculate which behaviors will remain beyond COVID-19. The data across 10 months and 4 studies (SWFU, SWFU II, Holiday Habits, and now SWFU III) reveal definitive trends for the restaurant industry and answers questions such as:

  • What are the dealbreakers for consumers around order pickup?
  • How many restaurant apps are consumers willing to download and use?
  • Who is winning the app usage battle: restaurant apps or 3rd party delivery apps?
  • What wait times do most consumers expect when picking up their meal?
  • What do consumers expect curbside pickup to look like and how does that compare to reality?
  • Which safety precautions are most important to consumers now compared to earlier in the pandemic?

The State of What Feeds Us 3 - consumer wait times

The study is based on a survey of 1,576 American consumers and offers insights into customer expectations to help restaurant brands navigate the current consumer climate.


Get the study to understand the data-backed State of What Feeds Us and uncover actionable insights for restaurants and the industry at large.


Download the study



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