Deliver Exceptional In-Store Customer Service with Location Data

Now that you have the foot traffic, personalize your customer’s in-store engagement with both the digital the physical interactions.


80 percent of shoppers use their mobile phone inside a physical store to look up product reviews, compare prices, or fine an alternative store’s location.


Lifetime Value


Build brand loyalty and turn these potential pain points into your store’s biggest strengths with Bluedot’s location intelligence.

  • Show case the right products, helpful articles, style guides and messaging that supports your store’s value to the right people based on your customers’ browser history, current promotions, and immediate stock levels at your store.
  • Automate your loyalty program so customers don’t have to remember their card. Deliver automated push notifications when customers earn or can redeem points.
  • Trigger loyalty rewards to repeat visitors who have made a purchase or have spent more than 10 minutes at your store in the past week. Trigger promotional messaging to new visitors or repeat visitors who haven’t made a recent purchase.


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